Сreative Ideas With Use Polypropylene Pipes and Fittings of ”RTP”

Generally, the summer months are the high season for PPR pipe market. The manufacturers of the sewer pipes, especially the Russian one observe a special rush at their plants as the most favorable period for the sewer pipes laying in the allotments, gardens, cottages comes. PPR manufacturers in Russia boost the production capacities covering the market requirements and end-buyers needs.

LLC “RTP”, a Russian manufacturer of PPR pipes and fittings, fabricates the quality reliable pipes used during the construction of private residences, cottages, apartment buildings. However, the PPR pipes and fittings are the multipurpose products during the summer period. Apart from quality piping used in the heating, water supply and sewerage, “RTP” may advise how to use the pipes and fittings for other purposes.

Fences and barriers

A fence made of plastic pipes and barriers made of PPR pipes are admired by the guests coming to your allotment. Be creative and make very good-looking polypropylene barriers, fences for the flowerbeds; decorate the playgrounds. A self-cost of such barriers is not so high. The hard, quality, chemically stable and safe material is used. The soldering requires no special skills. You may buy inexpensive welding unit, read the manual and implement your ideas.

As an alternative, you may make a low-budget fence out of PPR pipes using the pipes and fittings of minimum diameter (20 mm.). If you have enough time, you are welcome to make a plastic fence out of pipes of various diameter using reducing couplings. They look non-traditional and creatively. You will find the gallery of PPR fences and barriers below.


Further, we would like to pay your attention on use of the PPR pipes and fittings during the greenhouse construction. The greenhouses made of plastic pipes gain more popularity. In general, the T-joints, crosses, squares ( 45° and 90° angles), pipes as well are used for the greenhouse construction. PN25 thickened wall pipes are recommended for use in order to ensure a reliable greenhouse design.

The PPR pipes possess a high froze resistance and withstands up to -40°С. When it is cold, no cracks of pipes occur. Freezing of water inside the PPR pipes results in grow in pipes’ size but not breakdown. When an ice is melt, the pipes obtain an identical size. You have to avoid an outdoor heavy pressure on pipe during the winter as it may split. Therefore, it is better for you to remove or cleanup the PC from snow, especially within a melting period as a heavy pressure is generated.

More ideas

The PPR application scenario depends upon the ideas and fantasy of the allotment owners. You are able to make a frame out of pipes and fix a rope for the climbing plants. After a while, the frame will be rounded with the green plants and will have a better look. The PPR runs meshed, gates for hockey, football, swing sets, Wendy houses canvassed or weaved, irrigation systems are only some of ideas for application “RTP” pipes and fittings during the summer season.