Brass straight union

is designed for detachable connection of steel pressure piping and threaded components of utility system. It comprises a nickel-plated brass fitting with female and male threads, and male-threaded nipples connected with a clamping nut (union). A seal ring is placed between the parts for a leak-tight connection.

Brass threaded connection fittings are used for detachable threaded connections on piping of cold potable, domestic and hot water supply systems, heating systems, compressed air systems, and on process piping transferring gases and liquids that are not aggressive to materials of connection fittings. Connection fittings can be used on pipelines of any material (steel, copper, brass, plastic, metal-polymer, polypropylene, etc.).

Connections are made on cylindrical pipe thread as per GOST 6357 (ISO 228, EN 10226). Female cylindrical thread as per GOST 6357 may be connected with male conical thread as per GOST 6211 (ISO R7). Connection fittings are made of СW 617N hot-pressed brass to EN 12165 standard (corresponding to grade ЛС59-1 as per GOST 15527). Connection fittings have electroplated nickel coating.

Super-atmospheric pressure values for pressure-shaped brass piping fittings as per GOST 15527.

G Nominal pressure (PN), mPa
Maximum working pressure (MWP), mPa, at ambient temperature, °С
120 200 250
1/4” 4.0 4.0 3.2 2.7