Elbows “Elite” 110 mm х 45°

RTP ELITE pipes and fittings comprise a building plumbing system with noise-absorbing properties.

Pipes and connection fittings of RTP ELITE series are designed for sanitary sewage system of buildings with the maximum temperature of continuous effluents of 80 °C and short-term (1 minute) effluents of up to 95 °C at the maximum flow rate of 30 L/min. These pipes may be used for drainage of chemically corrosive effluents with pH of 2 (acid environment) to 12 (alkaline environment). When pipes and shaped pieces are used for the transfer of contaminated industrial effluents, make sure to check the chemical resistance of pipe material.

RTP ELITE reduced noise indoor plumbing system is recommended in applications where high requirements to the comfort of living quarters exist.

The pipes are manufactured by continuous screw extrusion followed by flaring. Shaped pieces are injection moulded on an injection moulding machine.

Technical Specifications

The thickness of RTP ELITE pipe wall and connection fittings is 50% greater as compared to conventional polypropylene plumbing systems. ELITE pipes and fittings are made of special heavily filled noise-absorbing material based on polypropylene, which density is 1.5 times higher than the density of pure polypropylene. This enables RTP ELITE pipes and fittings to efficiently absorb noise occurring in the plumbing system.

Pipes and fittings have high ring stiffness and high temperature resistance (short-term exposure of up to 100 °С).

The colour of RTP ELITE pipes and connection fittings is white.

Dual-leaf seal of soft styrene butadiene rubber (SBR 40±5 IRDH) with plastic (PP-H polypropylene) spacer ring. Developed for PP plastic pipes and fittings as per EN 1451-1 and EN 14-1-1 codes, and meets the requirements of EN 681-1 WC/WCL and DIN 4060.

Material: Polypropylene with mineral additives (PP-М).

General Material Specifications:

  • Description
  • UoM
  • Value
  • Density, g/cm3
  • Linear expansion coefficient
  • Melting point
  • Thermal conductivity

Polypropylene pipes and fittings shall not be used:

  • if the operating temperature of transferred liquid is higher than 95 °C;
  • in rooms of fire hazard rating A, B, and C;
  • in rooms with thermal radiation sources, which surface temperature is higher than 130 °C;


The warranted life is 10 years.