Own testing laboratory “RTP”

Until recently, in the production of pipes for underfloor heating systems, mainly PE-X was used. With all the weighty advantages of pipes made of this material, it has a significant disadvantage – no recycling is possible.

With the emergence of a new eco-friendly material – PE-RT (type II), the popularity of PE-X pipelines began to decrease. And this is not surprising: at a lower cost per meter of PE-RT pipe, its tech-nical characteristics are almost equal to a pipe made of PEX. Moreover, PE-RT pipes are technologically more efficient in production, as its raw materials have an unlim-ited serviceable life, recycling of raw materials is possible; there is no need to wash with linear PE extruders during process stops.

In 2017 the manufacturer of polymer pipes and fittings “RTP” opened its own testing laboratory. For testing a 20 mm diameter PE-RT pipe from SABIC mLLDPE polyethylene grade P8634 was used. During the tests input control of the raw materials was carried out and standard tests for the pipes were carried out for compliance with the requirements of GOST and TU.

Test of PE-RT pipes RTP


Based on the test results it can be concluded that PE-RT pipe produced at the polymer pipes and fittings plant RTP fully meets the requirements of GOST 32415-2013 and TU 2248-007-78044889-2016. The pipes are made of high quality raw materials.

The compliance of the quality of PE-RT pipes with the requirements of 32415-2013 (which is confirmed by the certificates), the use of only high-quality raw materials in production, production and laboratory quality control guarantees the service life of RTP pipes for at least 50 years, pro-vided that the installation and operation rules are observed.

The manufacturer of PE-RT pipes for underfloor heating RTP since 2017 has given a guarantee for its products – 10 years. Subject to compliance with the warranty obligations these pipes will serve much longer than 10 years. The company due to many years of work in the Russian and international markets guarantees the high quality of pipes and fittings and certainly values every customer.