Brass Ball Valve Female

The rod handle seal comprises two EPDM gaskets. The ball seal is made of PTFE. Adjustment and cleaning out of the valve interiors are not required during the whole working service. The RTP ball valve has two working positions: “open” or “shut”. The metal part of the valve is made of brass CW617N by means of a hot forming followed by mechanical operation and electrolyte coating.

The ball valve versus the valve provides no water flow pressure adjustment as either deformation or damage of PTFE seated rings may occur resulting in the ball valve breakdown and leaks appearing.

Brass Ball Valve Female

are used in the cold/hot water supply systems in the apartment, office and industrial buildings, in the heating systems, heating, water treatment systems as well as in the pneumatic and process pipelines.

Main features of RTP brass valves and fittings:

  • Brass type CW617N
  • Mode of production: machining after hot forging
  • Nickel plated brass
  • Precision thread construction of highest quality to ensure leak-free and reliable systems