ELBOW (universal)

ELBOW (universal) “RTP” D110 mm-used in internal sewage systems.

Universal Elbow “RTP” D110 mm is used in the case when a non-standard angle of inclination of the pipeline is necessary, or when there is no possibility to determine the slope for the disposal of the riser. Universal Elbow allows you to adjust the angle and connect the two sections of the pipe together without the use of additional fittings. Due to the special movability, the Universal Elbow can be used when installing toilets with direct, horizontal or vertical release.

M. O. L. rings are used as a seal. M. O. L. rings of the European manufacturer are made of a special soft rubber compound for smoothing small irregularities and roughness of the pipe.

The main advantages of the universal Elbow “RTP”:

• Speed and ease of installation
• Save time and money
• Environmentally friendly material
• Increased chemical resistance
• Upper temperature limit +95°C
• Tightness of joints
• Service life-at least 50 years

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Pipelines and fittings for the indoor sewerage

Nowadays the plastic pipes used for sewerage are applied habitually not occasionally. Their advantages result in better cost, as well as performance parameters versus the cast-iron pipes. Plastic sewer pipes meet all requirements of the modern indoor and outdoor sewerage.

The plastic sewer pipes are the most cost-effective solution for any real estate item. The assembling of such pipes requires no optional equipment; the transportation is costless due to the material lightweight. Reliability and long service life are the key advantages of the plastic pipes, which are resistant to a corrosive medium impact; sustain heavy mechanical loads. Besides the plastic pipes are completely leaktight and possess a high capacity.

The polypropylene pipes are considered the most perfect among all plastic sewer pipes. The polypropylene pipes are corrosion-resistant (unlike polyvinylchloride and polyethylene) and sustain high-temperatures (more 90°С) of effluents very well.

The polypropylene pipelines serve longer. Considering the minimum costs for maintenance their service life achieves at least 50 years. The undeniable benefits of the polypropylene pipes specify their choice during utilities systems arrangement