PE-Xa/EVOH Pipe (GREY color)


  • Max. working pressure 10 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature 100°C
  • Operating temperature up to 90°C
  • Oxygen barrier EVOH
  • Thermal conductivity 0 .35 W /(m* C)
  • Oxygen transmission rate < 0,1 g/m3 x d


Heating system

Main features of RTP PE-Xa/EVOH pipes:

  • RTP PE-Xa pipes are the most flexible pex tubing
  • They have the highest degree of cross-linking among pex pipes (≥70%)
  • EVOH Barrier protects susceptible components in a heating system against residue buildup and corrosion
  • They have high heat transfer rate, chemical and impact resistance (even at low temperatures)
  • Smooth internal surface means high hydraulic performance of RTP pex a pipes
  • RTP PE-Xa pipes can be installed quickly and easily