RTP axial female angle piece

RTP Double-side brass fitting designed for connection of PE-Xa piping elements at 90° angle. On one side, the angle piece has a conventional nipple, and on the other side it has a thread for connection to different parts of male threaded piping. It is designed as an adapter fitting for PE-X and PE-RT pipes to threaded pipe connection.

They are used in potable and domestic water supply systems, hot water, heating, compressed air systems, and also on process piping transferring liquids and gases that are not corrosive to the pipe material.

Brass female angle piece of RTP Company are made of СW 617N hot-pressed brass to EN 12165 standard (corresponding to grade LS59-1 as per GOST 15527).  Operating pressure: 1.6 mPa, maximum ambient temperature: 95 °C. Pipe threaded connection meets GOST 6357-81. Piping should be installed as per the instructions set out in SP 40-102-2000, SP 344.1325800.2017, and SP 73.13330.2016 codes. For Installation Manual please see RTP channel in YouTube, or follow the link below to our website