Sewage End Cap

“RTP” Sewage End Cap for 110, 160 and 200 mm pipes is used for assembling of the outdoor sewerage and complies with TU 2248-002-78044889-2010 standards.

The Sewage End Cap is applied for a leak-free shutoff of the pipe socket and installed to prevent socket clogging and penetration of sewer odor into the premises as well as to provide blocking of unused sewer entrees. A socket joint is available. The Sewage End Cap is installed by using special “RTP” special silicone grease.


Outdoor sewerage

Outdoor sewerage represents the pipeline network, used for drain disposal from living accommodation and industrial sectors to treatment facilities or waste water storage. The main elements of the sewerage system, both outdoor and sanitary, are the sewage pipes. Among the sewage pipes the most popular are the articles made from polymeric materials, among which the polyvinyl chloride pipes and polypropylene pipes.

Sewage pipes are selected, on the basis of the required characteristics of the concrete pipeline. Articles made from the polymeric materials, including the sewage pipes, have got a number of advantages: overstability at low-density of the material, chemical resistance, resistant to internal wear, ecological safety and durability. Of not little interest of the plastic pipes for outdoor sewerage is their not-too-high price, especially if we compare with their metal analogues.

Operational data for the sewage pipes:

  • temperature ceiling – 60°С;
  • resistance to temperature difference – 0-45°С;

Plumbing in outdoor sewerage is carried out with the pipeline pitch along the drains at a more deeply laying depth, than the depth of ground freezing. If the system is laid in the place of moving of truck transport, the laying depth must be minimum 2 meters