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Pipe PN16, SDR7.4

white color

Article number
Standard size
Quantity in the package
Quantity in a box
20x2.8 | 4 meters
25x3.5 | 4 meters
32x4.4 | 4 meters

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The PN16 SDR 7.4 polypropylene pipe of the ALPHA system is used for transporting cold and hot water (up to 60°C) and can withstand a pressure of 16 bar or 1.6 MPa. Compared to the PN20 pipe, the new pipe has a thinner wall thickness, which improves its flow capacity. However, the strength characteristics remain unchanged, and the quality remains at a high level. The pipe has a proper geometry and uniform wall thickness throughout its perimeter. The pipe is manufactured in 4-meter lengths. The PN16 SDR 7.4 pipes of the ALPHA system are used for laying networks of cold and hot water supply in residential buildings and apartments, for the construction of industrial pipelines through which technical or drinking water flows, for supplying water to irrigation systems and other utility needs, and for supplying water from wells and wells.

Reliable pipe from a Russian manufacturer, with a 10-year warranty. The service life of the pipe is not less than 50 years Pipes and fittings made of polypropylene from RTP are well-known in both the Russian and foreign markets. They are chosen by millions of installers and ordinary consumers for their reliability, practicality, and affordable cost. Polypropylene pipes and fittings are sold in all regions of Russia and can be purchased in both large retail chains and small specialized stores. If you are interested in wholesale supplies of PP-R pipes and PP-R fittings, please contact us.

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